Culinary Campus

Personal Chef Services

Here is how our personal chef service works:

On the scheduled service date, our personal chef can shop for you and arrive at your door with groceries in hand. Everything is prepared to your specifications in the safety of your home. Your customized meals are stored in your containers with instructions on the menu. Our personal chefs will clean your kitchen so when you come home your kitchen is clean and your meals are made! Complimentary flowers are always set on your dinner table. Prices are $75 an hour, with a 4-hour cooking minimum and do not include the cost of groceries. A discounted flat fee can be discussed if needing a chef for more than 5 hours. Our personal chefs can discuss grocery budgeting at our first meeting.


​- When my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in December, 2012, I knew I needed to take steps to really support his health & immune system to fight the cancer, starting with his food.  To complicate matters, my husband already has food sensitivity to gluten, dairy, soy & corn.  Frankly, I was stumped as to how I was going to deal with all of these health issues & keeping my husband fed & healthy. Enter - Chef Jill.  We learned about her special GF food prep skills at The Bite Market, a specialty gluten free market at the Orange Circle (totally check THAT out as well because the owner tastes EVERYTHING she buys before stocking it).  We met with Chef Jill at our home and learned that cooking GREAT food, regardless of diet considerations, was right up her alley.  AND, cooking for people with serious health issues was even MORE up her alley. Chef Jill noted all of the foods we love, then provided us with Chef Alex who comes to our home weekly with WONDERFUL food creations.  Both chefs immediately incorporated the food recommendations given to us by our integrative care physician who is very clear on what she wants her patients to consume through out their cancer  treatments to support the best possible outcomes over time. My husband's 6 month MRI was today...his scans were BETTER THAN THE ONE LAST MONTH!!  we are THRILLED about that.  The TLC & careful planning that goes into our meals has nourished our bodies, hearts & souls.  We have much less stress around having good food, when we need it (chemo requires a strict eating regimen) and I can focus on the other aspects of having our lives managed. Maryl P.


Everything is going very smoothly. Francesco is doing a wonderful job and creating some delicious dishes for us. Portions are great, ethnic variety is great (Francesco made some amazing curry dishes for us!), fish is always fresh, sauces are fantastic (I'm big on sauces), kitchen is all cleaned up and trash taken out, he goes over all the dishes with us, what sides to pair them with and reheating instructions. I wouldn't change a thing! Thanks again for all your help. Happy Holidays! Cheers, Brian S.


​- I have struggled with my weight my entire life and even more since getting married in 2005 and having a baby in 2007.  With the recommendation of my friend, Lisa, I decided to try the HCG Diet based on her success and to hire “the” chef that made the diet super easy for her. As you know, I own a small company and work way too much. I have no desire to cook and could not have done this diet without you. I am still in awe of the food.  Everything is organic and prepared to perfection.  I look forward to what my next surprise is. The flavors are incredible and the food cooked just perfectly. Based on my experience with you, I can tell you, you will be a part of my daily life for a very long time.  I intend to utilize your services through maintenance and after that through day to day life.  The greatest thing, I am down almost 20 pounds in just 30 days; hooray!  Thank you for making the food exciting and delicious to eat and for keeping me on track. Serena B.



Cooking Lessons/Parties

Cooking lessons or parties can be purchased at $100/hour and do not include the cost of groceries. For each class, our professional chef instructors will be responsible for picking up the groceries, setting up for the culinary class, supplying handouts and recipes, and cleaning up after.